COVID-19 Policy

Our hearts are with everyone during these stressful Covid-19 times.

For an uncertain amount of time, we all will have to face a roller-coaster of changing Covid-19 regulations, guidelines as well as travel-bans and lock-downs possibly affecting regions and countries at different times. There is the potential for spiking numbers of cases, flight cancellations, restricted beach access and restaurants or main attractions might be closed. Kindly understand that if you do decide to plan a vacation during these unpredictable times and then cancel due to any reasons above, fear to travel, personal/health reasons or travel-restrictions in the area of departure in relation to COVID-19, we will not be able to refund or credit any payments made.

The only two reasons when we could agree to re-schedule your vacation are if the beach in Mission Beach is closed or if there is an official lock-down in place affecting San Diego during your booked time frame.





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